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Midwest Workwear provides high visibility apparel to protect you no matter what industry you operate in. Our apparel and clothing meets the standards that OSHA has developed for workplace safety.


High Visibility (Hi Vis) clothing refers to garments that ensure the most visibility under certain lighting conditions. There are different classes of clothing based on the light levels and the worker’s proximity to traffic. Each class also has specific  requirements for the amount of reflective space that must be present. High visibility garments are essential when exposed to traffic and equipment at worksites in construction, maintenance, warehouse settings.  Utility workers are among the workers who must wear high-visibility clothing on the job site. Other workers who are routinely exposed to low visibility hazards while on the job are also required to wear hi-vis clothing. High-visibility garments are classified as follows:


Class 1

Intended for locations where a worker is exposed to, but separated from traffic, moving no faster than 25 mph such as airport workers, parking attendants or warehouse situations.

Class 1 garments include  t-shirts, vests, jackets, and overalls.


Class 2 Garments

This type of reflective garment is for workers who are exposed to moving vehicles exceeding 25 mph such as roadway construction workers and crossing guards. Class 2 garments include vests, jackets, long-sleeve shirts, pants, and overalls.


Class 3 Garments

This type of reflective gear must be worn by workers who have tasks that place them in imminent danger from approaching traffic such as site inspectors, emergency responders,

railway workers, and utility crews. To meet OSHA standards, the wearer must be conspicuous at a minimum distance of 1,280 feet when wearing high-visibility clothing. Coveralls,

rain gear, jackets, and overalls are Class 3 garments.


We recommend checking the OSHA Website for current High Visibility Requirements.